How Creative Design Can Help You Organize Your Thousand Oaks Kitchen

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Custom Designs for Kitchen Rollout Shelves

No matter what the size of your kitchen is, chances are you could still use a little help with keeping it organized. There’s never enough space in a kitchen, and the addition of a new set of pans or an appliance can force you to re-organize the entire space. Between food, dishes, and appliances, it’s very easy to run out of room in your Thousand Oaks kitchen.

So what can you do to keep the space organized and manageable? At Rollouts4Shelves, we have some creative design tips that can help you out.

Here are a few ideas for additions to your kitchen that help you out tremendously with organization:

Upright Storage

One popular variation of the cabinet is an upright storage space. Sheet pans, baking pans, or even large cutting boards often don’t have a clear a place to be stored, and they’ll end up taking up more space than they need to by being laid out flat on a shelf. A thinner, taller cabinet is a great place to keep these items, where they can be stored upright and out of the way of other items.

We can add a rollout shelf to this cabinet as well, which will allow you to not only store baking pans upright, but give you more options with hanging pans or utensils on the sides of the wall that you can easily access by rolling out the shelf.

Extra Shelves

The shelves inside your cabinets can easily become cluttered¬†–¬†saucers get stacked on top of plates, and bowl on top of saucers. You’re stacking these items because you need to save space, but now each time you need a plate, there’s a layer of saucers and bowls that you’ve got to get out of the way first.

Because saucers and plates require much less vertical space than bowls or glasses, installing extra rollout shelves just a few inches beneath your normal shelves can save you tons of space.

If you’re looking for creative design tips on how to use rollout shelves in your Thousand Oaks home, call Rollouts4Shelves today at 805-373-9991, or fill out our online request form.